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In order to secure our exchanges, we offer you to read and sign the following contract. The electronic signature is fully confidential.

Collaboration Agreement

  • By signing this agreement, you confirm that you will use SWAYD in your performance and competition, unless we don’t have a suitable product for you.
  • SWAYD will provide you with free dance shoes, the amount of pairs per year agreed on additionally.
  • SWAYD will assist you with content creation and editing on posts that we will then request as collaboration posts.
  • SWAYD will be granted permission to use, edit, and publish on its social media content in which you’re seen in a competition or a performance. You will agree to review and accept collaboration requests and tags. You may request content adjustments before publications. SWAYD will also have permission to video record you during social dancing to collect footage that can be used, after your approval, on our social media.
  • SWAYD will also provide you with a referral link and/or a referral coupon. You may share it with your students and friends and collect sales commission.
  • We’re offering you this agreement for the duration of one year. It will automatically renew unless one of the parties find notice to terminate it at least 90 days in advance.

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