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Master Orthopedic Insoles: Review

Master Orthopedic Insoles: Review


Our customer, dancer Maria shares her experience of using our Master orthopedic insoles.


I’d been looking for orthopedic insoles for my dance shoes, and I decided to try Master insoles by Swayd.

I have a problem familiar to many girls that wear heels on a regular basis: flat feet and bunions… This causes severe discomfort during prolonged dancing. My feet hurt, I get tired faster, and in the long run it can also create problems with the knees.

Unfortunately my usual orthopedic insoles are not suitable for dance shoes due to lack of flexibility.

But Master insoles did great! I used them thoughout the whole festival and for the first time, after four days of dancing, I did not even need a foot massage, as there was not any pain in the problem area! The insoles provided great support of my flat arches and protected the bones from usual discomfort and pain.

The insoles fit all my dance boots perfectly! I’m certainly going to use them all the time now. Recommended to all other dancers who care about the health and comfort of their feet!